Sia-Ori Dynasty

Kitten Purchase Policy


A $300 deposit will hold a spot in line on kitten selections. Deposit is completely refundable for any reason prior to selecting your kitten. Once it becomes your turn to make a selection you may choose from any and all kittens available at that time. If the kitten of the buyers preference cannot be made available deposit will be applied towards the next litter produced or until a kitten comes available that meets the buyers desires. Remaining balance owed is due at pickup or prior to delivery. If the buyer fails to pay the balance owed and take possession of the kitten by the designated date the deposit is forfeited and Sia-Ori Dynasty is free from any obligation to the prospective buyer. Buyer must notify Sia-Ori Dynasty if they choose to back out on the purchase of thier selected kitten prior to the kitten reaching 10 weeks of age. At the age of 10 weeks old the deposit is forfeited and no longer refundable. If Sia-Ori Dynasty is unable to provide the kitten of buyers preferred specifications(breed, gender, color) the entire deposit will be returned to the Buyer.

Kittens are dewormed at approximately 2, 4, 6, 9 & 13 weeks old. Kittens are vaccinated at approximately 13 weeks old. Buyer is responsible for two final kitten vaccinations. Each and every kitten is seen by a licensed Veterinarian; they have a fecal test done, bloodwork done, and are thoroughly examined and deemed as healthy prior to placement. Kittens will come with a Veterinary issued Health Certificate. Seller represents and warrants that the kitten/cat is in good health and free of known ailments as attested in the health certificate provided by Seller. Seller provides a free 30 day trial Health Insurance policy through Trupanion, it is the Buyers responsibility to enroll and take advantage of this offer. Buyer is aware that vaccinations and stress induced by adoption, relocation, and shipping can cause mild sickness amongst otherwise healthy kittens. These symptoms can vary but typically present as lethargy, upper respiratory infection, food adversion, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. buyer acknowledges this risk and agrees to provide veterinary care if necessary for kitten. Seller cannot be held accountable for FeLV, FIV, FIP or any other bacterial and viral infections, infectious diseases and parasites or fungus due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the cattery. Once the cat/kitten is entrusted to your ownership and no longer under the care and supervision of Sia-Ori Dynasty the buyer is then responsible for any and all future veterinary care and expenses.

Kitten/Cat is guaranteed against any genetic defects. If evidence of inherited or congenital disease develops within 1 year of purchase, proof from a licensed veterinarian is required in the form of an explanatory letter confirming the problem. In case of fatality, caused by inherited or congenital disease the kitten will then be replaced or refund made, whichever you prefer. The Seller must receive proof of the defect in the form of a complete necropsy report and a complete medical history provided by the attending veterinarian, performed at the Buyer's expense. No veterinarian expenses will be reimbursed.

All of our kittens are sold under a spay/neuter agreement unless breeding rights are discussed and agreed upon prior to deposit being placed. Spay is required to be done by 8 months old. Neuter is required to be done by 6 months old. Failure to provide proof of spay/neuter within 6 months of purchase results in an additional $500 fee to be paid by the buyer. Unaltered pets are more likely to roam and be killed. Unaltered pets add to the already overburdened shelter problem by producing unplanned and unwanted animals. Unaltered pets can become more aggressive and cause damage to property by spraying relentlessly, even unaltered females have the potential to spray. If you do intend to breed I would be happy to mentor/assist you with that desire rather than work against you. Please make me aware of your intentions to responsibly breed so that your kitten can be registered accordingly. Breeding rights are only granted to those with a CFA or TICA registered cattery. Breeding rights are granted to named buyer ONLY. Breeding rights can not be transferred to another person unless agreed upon by seller which also includes lease/stud services. Spay/Neuter is required to be done prior to retirement and placement in another home. Your cat should only be bred to healthy animals of an equal or better pedigree.

Ownership of this kitten/cat may never be transferred to any pet store, laboratory, research facility, or Humane Society. If at any time the buyer is unable or unwilling to provide a home for the kitten/cat buyer agrees to contact Sia-Ori Dynasty so that we may assist you in finding a proper home. Our kittens are ALWAYS welcome back. The buyer agrees to pay all expenses associated with the return; including shipping costs, mileage, and re-examination of the cat to ensure the sound health.

Buyer should provide timely and quality health/veterinary care and provide a safe/healthy home environment. Buyer will at no time allow the kitten/cat out of doors unattended and without suitable control—that is, a secure, safe enclosure with protection from the elements, predators, and other hazards. Such enclosure is not to be used as primary housing for said Cat. The kitten/cat should at no time be subjected to abuse. Sia-Ori Dynasty strongly disagrees with the act of declawing. Buyer agrees that under no circumstances will kitten/cat be declawed. 

If any legal action is commenced by the Buyer or the Seller as a result of this contract, the Buyer agrees that the place of venue shall be Duval County, State of Florida. The Buyer agrees to personal jurisdiction within such venue regardless of their place of residence and agrees that any judgement obtained is enforceable within that jurisdiction.

Cat Litter your kitten is accustomed to using: Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented

Cat Food your kitten is accustomed to eating: Mixture of Royal Canin Kitten, Nutro Wholesome Essentials, and Taste of the Wild

Royal Canin Kitten Pate and Purina Fancy Feast Kitten Classic Pate Seafood Collection

A small baggie of dry food will be sent home with your kitten. You may use this food to slowly transition your kitten over to whichever food you chose to feed. Please do this slowly, adding a little of the new food at a time over the course of two weeks to avoid upsetting your kittens tummy. Wet food is a major source of your kittens nutrition and caloric intake, please plan to continue feeding your kitten wet food daily.

Relocating into a new home can be a very scary and traumatic experience for some kittens. To reduce the stress please keep the kitten contained in a small area of your home with limited hiding places for at least a week. A bathroom or large closet usually work well. This will give your kitten a safe place to get to know you and become familiar with the sounds and smells of their new home. It will also let them get used to where their litter box and food can be located. Once you allow them access to the rest of your home it is a good idea to add a second litter box to the common area where they will spend the majority of their time. Please slowly and safely introduce your kitten to other pets in your home. It is common for your current pet to sometimes take weeks or even months to accept a new kitten into your family. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns with your new kitten, I am always happy to help in any way I can.